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Jewish rituals, made with love: Tallit, Chuppah, Art Prints and Greeting Cards

Silk Tallit

"Love this tallit SO much!

I was so excited to come home from a work trip to meet my new tallit. Finally, at midnight, while everyone was asleep, I opened up the beautiful bag, wrapped the tallit around me, and cried with indescribable happiness. It’s beyond beautiful, and I’m so looking forward to wearing it for many sacred moments in the future."

- Caryn Aviv

Handwoven Tallit

"Thank you!

I wanted to drop you a line to share my deep gratitude for your beautiful tallit. We just got the pictures back from the photographer, and I wanted to wait to send you a note so you could see just how overcome Ever was with the gift.

We began to tie the last corner together, and asked my mother to finish tying it. This tallit took 4 people to tie the tzitzit!

I am so grateful for your hard work on these talitot, for covering both me and my beautiful kallah. For your love of ritual moments, and your ability to create them in unexpected times."

- Ariana Katz

"Beautiful, beautiful gift!

I was delighted to find these wonderful prints! After much pondering - because I loved all the choices - I selected this print for a bride and groom who were tickled with it! Because Sarah personalized it with their names and wedding date, I know it will always be special for them."

- Ellen Zimmerman